Texas Rangers: Opening Day Starters Watching From The Bench

The Texas Rangers opened the 2011 seasons on Friday. Brandon Webb and Scott Feldman were both watching from the bench. This isn’t often seen by any Major League team. It especially isn’t seen from the Texas Rangers.

texas rangersThe Texas Rangers had two former Opening Day pitchers on their disabled list. Brandon Webb had made four straight Opening Day starts for the Diamondbacks from 06-09 and Feldman was the Ranger’s first starter a year ago. Even though Texas Rangers player Brandon Webb had to sit it out he had a good attitude about it.

Webb has missed two years with a right shoulder injury which required surgery on August 3rd but it said it wasn’t that tough sitting and watching on Friday at the Arlington ballpark. Webb says that he got to pitch on Opening Day four times and it is a special day because of the excitement and ballparks being packed. The Texas Ranger player said he was anxious to watch it.

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