2011 NCAA Final Four

The 2011 NCAA Final Four is set, and it certainly doesn’t look like what most people were expecting. In fact, with nearly 6 million individual brackets filled out on ESPN.com, only two – literally just two people – filled out the final four correctly. That goes to show you how hard this is to predict, let alone to try to fill out a mythical perfect bracket.

2011 NCAA Final Four

Most analysts and fans were saying all year long that there weren’t very many great teams in college basketball this year. That’s why the 2011 NCAA Final Four looks so surprising to most. Nobody, or about two people out of six million, would have predicted tiny VCU to make a run through the field, especially not after starting out as one of the “First Four” teams that had to go through a play-in game just to get into the main bracket.

The other surprise entrant to the 2011 NCAA Final Four is Butler, who is making their second straight appearance. Most thought that without their NBA-bound star from last season they wouldn’t perform as well, but they have just kept winning and winning.

On the other side of the bracket are two of college basketball’s most storied teams, Kentucky and UConn. Even though that’s the case, neither was predicted as potentially being this good, and they knocked off higher seeds to make it as far as the 2011 NCAA Final Four.

It just goes to show you that no matter what you think is going to happen, no matter what the rankings and the seeds say, or anything else, it’s all fair game in the NCAA Tournament. It’s March Madness for a reason, and this year has been one of the best ever.

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