LDS: Church Building Three New Temples

Thomas S. Monson is the president and prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints aka LDS. He announced Saturday that the church is going to build three new temples in Colorado, Idaho and Canada. This announcement was made during the first session of the church’s 181st Annual General Conference at the Conference Center is Salt Lake City.

These LDS temples are going to be built in Fort Collins, Colorado, Meridian, Idaho as well as Winnipeg, Manitoba. Also mentioned was the church’s humanitarian aid work which is being down throughout the world. This would include the 70 tons of supplies that were sent to Japan after the recent earthquake and tsunami there.

People attending the conference going on in April say that they must go there to recharge their batteries and hang on until the next conference. They also go on to say that the conference will allow many people to reconnect with God. Some believers believe that you can have a constant fire of God but others believe more along with the LDS beliefs.

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