Charlie Sheen: Torpedo Of Truth Booed In Detroit

Oh Charlie haven’t you had enough “fun”? Wow his show had some seriously horrible moments. You would think that this veteran comic would know what his fans want. There were some good moments for Charlie Sheen but mostly the show was a stinker.

charlie sheenCharlie Sheen mainly just used profanity and showed how disgusted he was with people. He even put on a shirt from the show he is no longer on and then had the two girls on the stage to burn it in a bucket. It doesn’t sound like he is having anger issues now does it? Charlie Sheen plans on things going pretty good for the rest of the tour.

During the question and answer session one of the fans asked Charlie if he could be anywhere in the world where would he be. Charlie replied that he was having a great time there. I am not sure how the rest of the shows are going to go now that people know exactly what is going to go on there. Maybe Charlie Sheen is on his way out. What do you think?

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