South Atlantic Oil Spill: Penguin Rescue Underway

There is an island chain which is located halfway between Africa and Argentina that has a massive penguin rescue going on right now. There are many people that are trying to help the penguins that are affected by an oil spill. There are island officials as well as resident volunteers that are trying desperately to save tens of thousands of Northern Rockhopper penguins.

south atlantic oil spillThe South Atlantic oil spill is roughly 1,500 miles west of Cape Town, South Africa. At least 300 penguins have died according the islands’ conservation director. This is because of the cargo ship that leaked thousands of tons of heavy oil, diesel fuel and soya bean near Nightingale Island. Nightingale island is a British territory part of Tristan da Cunha archipelago.

The director, Trevor Glass went on to say “I’ve seen about 15 to 20 dead penguins just today.” There are thousands more penguins that are covered in the ships’ oil and diesel fuel according to the local officials and the conservationists. Glass says that the danger now is getting the rest of the penguins past the oil slick. They are hopeful about cleaning up the South Atlanta oil spill but it may take some time.

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