Eagle Cam: Watching Young Eagles Be Fed

There are a few different things that will go viral on the internet. One is stupid people and the other is cute animals. Live images from the Decorah eagle cam has gone viral. This cam was installed at the Decorah Fish Hatchery for the past several years.

eagle camThis eagle cam was put in place to provide coverage on its website which is www.raptorresource.org. The eagles are the subjects of this camera and people love to watch as they care for their eggs and eaglets after they hatch out of their eggs. These little babies seem to be drawing quite an audience. Once you take a look at the eagle cam you will see why.

During the NBC nightly news Lester Holmes let the nation know that two of the eaglets had hatched. He also mentioned that it has consistently had more than 100,000 viewers. Sunday night however almost 150,000 people watched as the cute little eagles were fed by their parents. Have you been watching Eagle cam?

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