The Kennedy’s Miniseries

The star studded TV miniseries The Kennedy’s is set to premiere tonight. The show will be aired on ReelzChannel after the original host of the show the History Channel dropped the miniseries. The show is a interpretation of the events of the Kennedy family and has come under question for some of the accuracy of its contents. The Kennedy’s miniseries will air in 8 parts on Sunday nights.

Playing John  F Kennedy is Greg Kinnear. He appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show this week to talk about the miniseries which has not garnered very good reviews. Jacqueline Kennedy is played by Katie Holmes, the wife of Tom Cruise. Also featured in The Kennedy miniseries is Barry Pepper as Robert F Kennedy.

The 8 part miniseries had trouble finding a network to broadcast the episodes after the History Channel dropped it. The History Channel along with the Kennedy family felt that the historical content of The Kennedy’s may not be all true. Other networks were offered to premiere the show before the ReelzChannel finally took over. The debut of The Kennedy’s miniseries airs this evening.

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