Celebrity Apprentice Results: Meatloaf’s Rant at Gary Busey

This weeks episode of the Celebrity Apprentice had the 2 teams Backbone and ASAP raising money for charity through selling artwork that the teams members had designed. The males team was lead by project manager and country music star John Rich. While on the ladies side the project manager was actress Marlee Matlin. The Celebrity Apprentice results saw over $1.5 million raised for the the 2 teams charities combined.

Meatloaf's rant at Gary Busey

The teams headed out on their task to pick up art supplies at the local Michael’s store. When the males team, Backbone, returned to the art studio to start creating their masterpieces Meatloaf could not find a bag of his supplies that he had purchased. Meatloaf then turned to Gary Busey and accused him of stealing his art supplies and the swear words were flying off his tongue. Meatloaf’s rant at Gary Busey stopped when the bag of art supplies was found.

In the boardroom we learned that team ASAP with the ladies had won the task. This was their first win in the last 4 tasks. The men were forced to send someone home and Survivor star Richard Hatch, who had raised the least amount of money was fired by Donald Trump. The Celebrity Apprentice results also saw Jose Canseco resign due to a family illness along with the now famous Meatloaf rant at Gary Busey.

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