Katie Couric: Quitting CBS Evening News

As you most likely know Katie Couric was the first woman to take on a nightly news broadcast. This happened in 2006 when she took over for Dan Rather. The move from NBC’s Today show was in all of the headlines and had a strong start as they used the new format. Ratings began to fall however and the broadcast went back to a more traditional style.

katie couricNow it appears that Katie Couric will be leaving the CBS Evening News in hopes of having her own talk show. These rumors have been going wild for weeks about what Katie would do when her CBS contract expires June 4th. According to the Associated Press Katie Couric is going to try to fill the Oprah-sized hole in the daytime talk show line up.

After almost 5 years on the job as an anchor of the CBS Evening News Couric will be stepping down. There has not been a departure date set even though her contract is up on June 4th. The plan is to launch a syndicated talk show around Sept 2012. There are several companies, including CBS that are very interested in having Katie Couric.

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