Nashville Weather: At Least 2 Tornados Hit Nashville

If you are in the Nashville area or have family in the Nashville area then you may be pretty concerned about their safety. If you or someone you know needs shelter there is a shelter that has opened on Lebanon Road in Old Hickory to help those which were impacted by the severe storms. This was announced by the Nashville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross after this severe Nashville weather.

nashville weatherThe shelter can be found at St. Stephen Catholic Church, 14577 Lebanon Rd, Old Hickory. There may be two other shelters that will open in other counties according to the Red Cross. Volunteers of the Red Cross are responding to emergencies of those that are in need. The agency is also assessing the damage done by the Nashville weather.

According to the Nashville Electric Service more than 53,000 people were without power at 7pm April 4th. Because of the darkness approaching they believe that restoration of power will be a slow process. The Nashville weather still looks iffy but we are hoping for the best. The Red Cross will continue to provide relief.

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