Southwest Airlines: 80 Planes Grounded After Mishap

Federal records are showing that cracks were found and repaired a year ago in the frame of the Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300 which made an emergency landing. The plane was forced to land at an Arizona military base after a hole was torn from the passenger cabin. Even though no one was seriously injured it was not a pleasant experience. The Southwest Airlines aircraft was carrying 118 people.

southwest airlinesThe Southwest Airlines plane lost cabin pressure quickly and had to make a controlled yet terrifying descent from 34,500 ft. They landed safely near Yuma, Arizona about 150 miles southwest of Phoenix. Passengers recalled tense minutes after a hole ruptured overhead and there was a blast as they fumbled frantically for oxygen masks while the plan descended.

Saturday federal investigators got to Yuma and cut a piece from the fuselage of the plane to see how the fuselage rupture happened. Due to this mess Southwest Airlines had to ground 80 planes that were similar to this one so that inspections could be carried out. An Associated Press review of Federal Aviation Administration records of maintenance problems for the 15 year old plane showed at least eight cracking instances were found in the aircraft frame which is part of the fuselage. The records showed that those cracks were repaired by Southwest Airlines.

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