Government Shutdown: Friday Night?

Friday night could be when there is a government shutdown. A budget must be agreed on for the remainder of the fiscal year. Timing is growing very short for a decision to be made. It really does not look like anyone is willing to budge but seriously, would there be a government shutdown?

government shutdownThe Senate rules could force Democrats to break two GOP filibusters so that they could pass a spending bill and each of these votes takes a 30-hour delay. Friday night is when government funding expires. This means that if negotiators do not reach a deal by early tomorrow even one Republic senator could stall the vote until this impending deadline. This is why everyone is talking about a government shutdown.

Those of you that have been watching talks between House Republics and the White House may notice the two parties are very far from any kind of deal. The House Republicans came out of the White House telling the reporters that they indeed wanted to find a solution to the impasse but that did not mean they were willing to do it unless the White House and Senate Democrats agreed to cuts that were beyond the $33 billion level that had previously been floated. All of this has people in a state of confusion. What would happen if there was a government shutdown?

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