Three Stooges: Curly And Larry Are In

As Peter and Bobby Farrelly started exploring the idea of a Three Stooges movie we thought that we were going to see people like Sean Penn, Jim Carrey or Benicio Del Toro as Larry, Curly and Moe. The sad thing is after the long delay because of money problems we are seeing a totally different cast. Will Sasso from MadTV is going to be Curly and Sean Hayes from Will & Grace is going to be Larry.

three stoogesThis has surprised quite a few people since we didn’t think that the Farrellys would cast TV stars in the film. They did make it sound like it was going to be an A-list deal. There is still one more role to cast for the Three Stooges. Who do you think is going to play Moe?

Since they’ve got tv stars for two of the roles they can’t cast someone that is Oscar-Nominated for the role of Moe. This guy would just take all of the spotlight off of the other guys and it would make it very difficult to keep a level playing field. Maybe we could put Charlie Sheen in this role since he seems to be making a stooge out of himself lately. I guess we will have to see how this all turns out.

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