The Biggest Loser April 5 : Who Got Eliminated?

Are you wondering about the Biggest Loser April 5 and who got eliminated? I am sure that you are excited to find this out but let’s first remember who went home last week. Jen got sent home last week because of some bad decisions. Now there is only one person left on the Red Team and that is Courtney.

biggest loser april 5The Biggest Loser April 5 had an interesting challenge and a great reward for the winners. The challenge was that the teams would have to take their flag and plant it as close to a mile as they could. Whoever got it the closer was going to get a night out in Hollywood. The Biggest Loser April 5 was very exciting.

The Black Team won the challenge but was the weigh in going to be that smooth for them? Here are the weigh in results:

Black Team: -17 2.20%
Hannah 172 to 168 -4 (has lost 80)
Jay 276 to 270 -6 (has lost 130)
Rulon 325 to 318 -7 (has lost 156)
Blue Team: -15 2.35%
Olivia 176 to 174 -2
Moses 293 to 286 -7
Irene 170 to 164 -6
Green Team: -7 1.01%
Ken 257 to 253 -4
Kaylee 169 to 168 -1
Austin 265 to 263 -2

Courtney was called to the scale and was told that she needed to lose more than 2 pounds to beat the green team and here were the results:

Red Team: -1
Courtney 232 to 231 -1

Courtney went home on The Biggest Loser April 5.


  1. Anna says:

    Oh what a sad night it was. she needed the biggest loser more then any of them. She is so much like my health coach Jill and I can see that Courtney will do fine at home but it still does make me sad.

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