Honey Badger: Youtube Video Goes Viral

Oh the beloved Honey Badger. The honey what? Yes, I am with you. Before today I had no clue that this slinky, fearless skunky looking animal was even alive.

Now thanks to National Geographic, Guinness Book of World Records and one crazy youtuber this little guy (or gal) is famous. Is this Badger the next Rebecca Black? The spoof of the National Geographic video has already gotten over 4 million views on youtube! The Honey Badger is a pretty interesting creature but I think people are most interested in the narration done by Randall.

The real deal on this animal is that it was eat and hunt all day and barely rest. What is funny and viral however is the fact that Randall makes the video hilarious talking about how the badger just don’t give a crap about anything. The best part of the video is where the honey badger climbs to the top of the tree and gets the poisonous snake! Watch the youtube video at this link: Crazy Badger Youtube Video

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