Bristol Palin: Banks $262,500 From Candie’s Foundation

Everyone knows when you hear the last name Palin that drama follows shortly after. Ever since Republican presidential candidate McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate there has been nothing but drama surrounding the Palin name. This time it is not Sarah Palin however. The drama is now surrounding Bristol Palin.

bristol palinWell let’s face it. There was some drama over Bristol Palin during the campaign as well. Her getting pregnant at a young age and the on and off relationship with the babies Dad Levi Johnston was great material for haters. Bristol Palin has a new reason for people to be upset now.

She was paid $262,500 by the Candie’s foundation for work that she did for them. The founder says that she put in hours and hours of work and that it well worth it. They said that their foundation was there to raise awareness and what is what they did. Do you think $262,500 was too much to pay Bristol Palin?


  1. Mary says:

    Interesting that the LSM attacks Bristol Palin but they never talked about Michelle Obama raking in $300,000 she made doing PR at the University of Chicago Hospital. Three months later than Senator Obama secured a 3 million dollar earmark for a new pavilion for that hospital. Then Michelle left and that PR position was eliminated. Nice payout.

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