17 Day Diet – Diet Explodes Onto The Weight Loss Scene

Shortly after the hCG diet and the French Dukan diet another new diet has exploded onto the weight loss scene. This 17 Day Diet has been featured on “The Doctors” as well as “Dr. Phil” and has already made it on to the bestsellers list. Dr Mike Moreno, the creator of this diet is a San Diego-based physician. This clean eating plan was devised by him and broken down into cycles.

17 day dietThere are four cycles in the 17 Day Diet and each of them represents 17 days in which the dieters change what they eat. This may be the amount of proteins, carbs or fruit. Even though each of the cycles will have dieters eating different foods you will notice there are some constants. You will not be allowed to eat fruit or starchy carbs after 2 p.m. and you have to take day 17-minute walks. Why is this all on 17 days though?

The reason for it is the 17 Day Diet is simply because Moreno believe it is just before the body begins to recognize a diet as being a habit. When your body realizes this it will slow the metabolism down. Some experts however do not believe that you can confused your metabolism. Registered dietitian Keri Gans told Web MD that the weight loss from this diet was not from the 17-day cycles but it was from calorie restriction.


  1. Gail says:

    For all its worth, my choice of diet plan is the HCG drops diet protocol, they worked wonders for me. I am already done with it and never felt better about myself. My take on food now is based more on how I ate during the time I was in the HCG diet because I just got attuned to it and I loved the results so, I will stake my claim for HCG diet.

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