American Idol Results April 7 2011: Who Got Voted Off?

There was a lot of fun on idol as well as some big shockers when it came to the American Idol Results April 7 2011. Fans were sitting on the edge of their chairs as they found out who was going to go home. Before any of the stress of going home came up however the singers belted out the best songs they could find from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since this was the theme for this week.

american idol resultsBetween all of the fun with the contestants there was a performance by Iggy Pop. The 64 year old sing sang his hit “Real Wild Child” on the Idol stage. This was a little different than some of the other shows but hey it was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week right? Anyway let’s get on to the American Idol results April 7 2011.

There were 3 of the favorites in the bottom there this week. The bottom 3 were Jacob Lusk, Pia Toscano, and Stefano Langone. The contestants and the judges were a little surprised at who had ended up there. When it came down to it the American Idol Results April 7 2011 sent Pia Toscano home.


  1. loree says:

    Wow…how do people vote??? Pia SHOULD not have been voted off. Wake up America

  2. Antara says:

    What a shocking show… somebody please pull Pia into studios and start writing songs for her. She definitely deserves a seat to compete in American Idol. America should have discarded Stefano instead of Pia – if the scale of the quality of this week’s bottom three that we really weigh

  3. Cyndy says:

    Pia should NOT have gone home. The judges – otherwise good so far this year – made a mistake saving Casey. Pia had it all – someone sign her to a contract please. I want her CD

  4. C. McLinn says:

    Pia has been absolutely outstanding! Class, showmanship, beauty & superior talent!!! What an awesome voice. Please stop the little 13 yr old know-nothings from voting. Obviously they vote for the pitter patter of their hearts….and don’t recognize real talent. This young woman will sell tens of millions of CD’s. As will Haley Reinhart. Love their voices tremendously. Sign those contracts NOW.

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