Government Shutdown 2011

The US is in an uproar about the news of a possible government shutdown 2011. This sounds like something that is absolutely insane and many people thought that it was some sort of a joke but I have bad news – it is no joke and it has happened before! If the government officials do not come to an agreement over the budget the government will shut down. This could be one huge mess for America.

government shutdown 2011There is some good news when it comes to the government shutdown 2011. Since the post office is self-funded there is no need to worry about it shutting down. There will be no delays or changes to the USPS. The government shutdown 2011 will however mean that the soldiers that protect us will be taking a big hit.

It seems that since the government officials can not come to terms on the budget that the military men and women that serve us will not be getting paid. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is attempting to stop this from happening but there is still much support needed. Many are urging people to call and make their voice be heard. If you wish to make your voice heard about keeping the soldier’s paychecks going through the government shutdown 2011 you can call (202) 456-1111 and also look for more information on the “Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act 2011″


  1. Tifinie says:

    Who are the persons who would be affected by this shut down?

  2. Travis Shepherd says:

    legalize marijuana… its over an 18 billion dollar industry. At least then we could give our soldiers a good pay check.

  3. brandon michael whitt says:

    what does the government think there doing? there in the government because they can make choices like this.. they are going to make america suffer like hell on earth..and not giving a F##K about the citizens of america ,the government is corrupt and full of selfish people… they need to find a agreement..the president needs to find people that will make the choices for us not disagree they forgot what there job description is.. to BETTER america.. and there far from it.. the war we are fighting today is no reason at all america’s fight or war or concern. why should we be fighting among each other? we ALL live in america we should help america and make it better for the kids and elders..this is the last thing i will say.. F#@K THE GOVERNMENT AND ITS ACTIONS! because there are soldiers fighting for them and there not going to pay them? what the hell is our country coming to??? make it right or this america will be sabotaged…not me but im sure there is others that are more ticked than me..

  4. Aleena Ross says:

    I think that the military should still get paid reguardless of the goverment shutdown . there who protect us and if theyre not getting paid then why should any one else in the world get paid ? thats unfair were safe at night in our homes from other countris because of them . thats not right what there doing !

  5. Josh Rickel says:

    I think that it is completely unfair that government officials would still be getting payed while our American soldiers don’t. They are not the ones defending our country and risking their own lives for us. The only thing they are doing is making decisions for our country. They’ll be perfectly fine because they’ll still be getting payed, they’ll still have it good, and they’re just siting on they’re happy little butts all day. They wont be the ones suffering, however our military will be which is completely unfair… I can honestly say I have no idea how hard it can be to come to a decision. Maybe because I’m not to into politics or I need to research further into this government shutdown, however I still think that they could easily come to an agreement and a decision if they wanted to.. They’re just selfish and they honestly don’t care about the outcome of this (in my own opinion).. If the government officials don’t come up with a decision I think that they should pay our military out of their own pockets/paychecks.. Sense so far the government officials have not come up with a decision, to me they are acting childish, because we all know they can make a decision, but they simply do not want to. From what I’ve heard the new budget would be taking away money from government officials, but that is just something I heard so I would appreciate if someone wouldn’t get mad and tell me I am wrong. But all I want is for the government officials to please come up with a decision.. Our military and allot of other people need that money.. For their families and for some people that might be the only money they get.. Like I have just said I would appreciate if they would just come up with a decision already…

  6. Annette Eastman says:

    i think that republicans and democrats should come together and make a decision! i don’t think that the united states of america is ready for a revolution in our country, isn’t that what we are helping libya and other countries do? ( to make a change for the better with democracy) our people need to get paid and the government employees that are getting furloughed do more for our country than we know. pass the bill and don’t put our country at arms way! come election time let’s see how many in congress get reelected. i won’t put not one of them back in office!!!!!!

  7. mike sexton says:

    Why cant the people who have all the power to make a decision make a decision? Im not the smartest person in the world but I can learn to compromise.Shut down and still get paid that is the kind of job i would love to have.But I have a conscience.Men and women have been together since the beginning of time and they have never agreed since then.Animals have evolved further than we have,thats depressing as hell!To compare a human to a animal,thats not fair to the animal.My son is a marine who just got back from afganastan what if his platoon said while on tour to decide to quit they would be called betrayers of the UNITED STATES! What does that make the goverment?

  8. Brian M says:

    Believe me, when I go to vote everyone who is currently in office will be voted out. This mess represents that a complete set of inept politicians need to to get out and make room for leaders that can make decisions for the best interest in America.

  9. Dan Simonet says:

    @ Brandon

    Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the President is not responsible for choosing members of Congress or the House of Representatives. Thus, he can only urge (maybe even coerce) Congress into making decisions and not identify decisive individuals from the beginning.

  10. mike sexton and Maxine says:

    Now we all see what happens when you fill Congress with so many Lawyers…They can’t seem to get a reasonable decision made or balance a check book! Perhaps we should vote people in and out of office more carefully and each person should have to pass a simple math and reasoning test before being able to represent and make decisions for our country. What would happen if our soldiers who are fighting for and representing our country had as little honor as those in congress aparently do?
    Thank you,
    Michael and Maxine
    Parents of a Proud Marine and Citizen Taxpayers

  11. Josh Rickel says:

    I would also like to say that I agree with Brandon Michael Whitt on how we should have different government officials who actually do care about our country.. Instead of the ones that we currently have who are selfish and only care about their own money and their own lives.. I guarantee that all who read this will totally and for surely agree with me and Brandon Michael Whitt..

  12. angela says:

    what the f**k does these people think normal people are going to do if the government shuts down! do we still get medicaid for our kids and foodstamps and daycare? i mean i cant leave with out the help i wouldn’t even be able to go work cause i wouldn’t beable to afford to! my child wouldn’t beable to eat and when you start messing with my kids that a whole another storey! the government wont have to worry about that cause they make the big bucks inlike me who only makes 7.50 an hour and who can afford to leave off that….NOBODY! because i barely do. so the government and all the big wigs can go suck an egg!

  13. Samantha says:

    I think the military should still get paid they are serving our country every day and risking their lives to do so. We do not see our senators or the president with m16 and doing the same. I am a military wife and a student and work however my husbands pay is pretty much the money that is paying all of our bills. I only contribute. I work part time and am taking 17-20 credits per semester since I want to get my degree as soon as possible. and Yes medicaid still does get funded

  14. Samantha says:

    from what I read over an hour ago they were arguing over how much to cut from the 340billion dollar funding to planned parenthood. cut the 75 billion and get it over with come to a freaking agreement. My husband is on his third deployment in his 4 years of service in the military.

  15. Amy says:

    My husband is currently serving our country in Afghanistan. I have a 5 month old son and with our student loans, credit card payments, car payments, rent, insurance, and other bills we struggle to make ends meat as is. The fact that we will be loosing half our pay makes me sick to my stomach. I now have to find a job asap which is hard enough in this economy. My husband joined the Army so he could provide for his family and protect our country. He has enough stress over being away from his family and being in a combat zone and I have enough stress wondering if he is still alive every day. WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BEING PAID WHAT WE ARE INTITLED TO.

  16. Jenna says:

    What.the.crap! Honestly, if the soldiers are willing to RISK THEIR LIVES for us, they NEED to get paid reguardless of the government “shutting down” come to an agreement, meet somewhere in the middle. DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN SIT ON THEIR ASS AND ARGUE!

  17. Stacy says:

    My husband and I both serve in the military. After seven moves we’ve just bought our first home. Now we get to report to work and potentially not be able to afford our new home. Homeless and working for free? Plus no daycare for our children? This is heartless!!! We’ve served for 15 years and never seen such disrespect towards those who make daily sacrifices!

  18. Elena says:

    Our soldiers fight for our freedom & lay down their lives daily
    So we can be protected. How dare the govt not pay them!
    They can die but not get paid? That’s ridiculous! They sacrifice their lives
    & families so this country can be safe. How can we do that to them? It’s
    So embarrassing that our officials are fighting and can’t agree. They need to put their
    Pride down & perhaps pay these soldiers out of their pay!!!!

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