Military Pay: I Can Die But I Can’t Get Paid

I really thought all of this would blow over pretty quickly since the American people have been up in arms over the mess that has been going on. The government officials have been at each others throats and unable to figure out what they want to do over planned parenthood and other issues so as soon as Saturday rolls around the government shutdown 2011 will be taking place. You may be wondering how this will affect you. If you are in the military then your military pay will be affected as of right now.

military payMany people thought that the facebook invite and call to action about military pay was just a hoax but that is not at all true. My own cousin only got half a paycheck because of this whole mess – already! This is completely insanity. How do they expect the families that have stay at home moms or 2 military parents to function without military pay?

How exactly has this been explained? This is what Defense Secretary Gates had to say “But in all seriousness, based on some stuff I read this morning, if the government shuts down starts on the 8th and goes for a week, you’d get a half a check. If it goes from the 15th to the 30th, you wouldn’t get a pay check on the 30th but you would be back paid for all of it. So that’s the deal and I’m, you know, frankly, I remember when I was your age I did a lot of living from pay check to pay check and so I hope this thing doesn’t happen.”

This whole mess is complete insanity. I liked the quote that Gates said before this : “as a historian it always occurred to me the smart thing for government was always to pay the guys with guns first.” Whatever happens most people will be getting back military pay but some people we be in a sort of laid off status if they are not necessary. What do you have to say about this problem?


  1. Wallace says:

    Government shutdown means that military members won’t get paid until congress is open again. I understand so many people rely on checks for their family and bills and yet we will still continue to work while other government workers don’t. This just shows that no matter what, the military can’t afford to shutdown cause if it does people die. The people we swore to protect when we joined. And we will continue to protect them because it’s what we do all day everyday and we, under no circumstances will quit because that’s simply not an option for us. Please continue to support troops because all we have right now is your support and hope. Thank you.

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