CSpan: Nothing Positive

CSpan sounds about as positive as the rest of us that know what is going on. They are reporting that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who is a Democrat from Nevada, House Speaker John Boehner who is a Republican from Ohio and President Obama met two times on Thursday in attempts to work out a deal but it was impossible to reach an agreement between the three. According to CSpan President Obama said “differences have been narrowed but we have not yet reached a deal.”

Staff worked through the night in hopes to reach a day this morning but as you most likely guessed – that did not happen. There are only a few more hours into the CR runs out tonight at midnight. Leadership and staff are in extensive discussions to keep the government shutdown 2011 from taking place. If there is no agreement reached then midnight tonight the government will be closing its doors.

If the government closes its doors that means that hundreds of thousands of workers will have their pay furloughed and public services will be closed. In case you are wondering the post office is not going to be affected since they are self funded. There is still a few short hours until the closing will happen. Military pay and other problems have been pointed out but still no resolution to the problem. CSpan has more information as well.

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