Government Shutdown: Bracing For The Shutdown

As you know has been covering the government shutdown. In 1995 there was a government shutdown but it was not as insane as this one. Our troops still got paid unlike this time! This time it seems as if someone is playing a game of how far are you willing to go with this budget.

Friday the federal government put plans in place in case of a shutdown that could be put into action early Saturday. This means that metal barriers would be put up blocking access to national monuments and they would be closed until further notice. Does this remind you of a creepy zombie movie where everything is blocked off because of infection? Well the government shutdown is the real deal and could be happening in a few short hours.

The White House and Congress were engaged late into Friday trying to make last-minute negotiations over the 2011 budget work. The National Park Service said it was ready to start cordoning off memorials shortly after sunrise. We are all hoping and praying that all of this mess will be put to a stop by the warring legislators making peace. Can’t someone use some common sense and save us from this government shutdown?

*********************Update! Developing Story*******************

Congressional leaders saw that they had little more than an hour to go before the federal government went into shut down mode. They have announced late Friday that they have reached a deal to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year.

The plan was to pass one last short-term spending resolution Friday night so lawmakers could have time to prepare and pass the final budget.

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