Government Shutdown 2011: Averted!

Whew! Talk about by the hair of their chinny chin chins, Congressional leaders barely had an hour to go before the government shutdown 2011. House Speaker John Boehner spoke briefly to reported after the talks had concluded and said that the plan was to pass one last short-term spending resolution Friday night to buy lawmakers the time that was needed to prepare and pass a finalized budget bill.

government shutdown 2011There were many citizens that were up in arms over the mess that was going on in Washington. There have been government shut downs in the past but none that had planned on stopping military pay. Thankfully the government shutdown 2011 has been averted and there, at least for right now does not have to be anymore thought about it. Do you believe that the congress will be able to come to terms with a final budget bill that will make everyone at least semi-happy?

I am sure that the many calls into Washington today made the leadership understand that we, the American people were not playing around. It is not fun to be laughed at and mocked by other countries because the guys that we voted in could not make a wise decision. It appears that many of the people that are in office right now may not have that cozy position the next time that the election comes around. The government shutdown 2011 put a bad taste in the mouths of many. What are your thoughts?


  1. Benhameeen Adsam Colafar says:

    I think that the american people should witness a shut down before all their arteries shut down.

  2. Blake s. says:

    Can i still purchise things online or will the mail services be delayed? I think this is all nonsense

  3. Monique Soso says:


  4. Zorra Lou says:

    ahhh how long before ppl who worked in the military and are now receiving pension, compensation or retirement will receive checks that are not worth a penny because the republicans feel tax cuts must be made.

    I understand it all boils down to numbers and politics but tell that to all the veterans who would still stand guarding our freedom to pick over the issues no matter if they were the ultimate butt of the jokes.

    I was a soldier and I know I would give my life for the people who would gladly take my scraps of money.

  5. James says:

    I think we should worry about what’s going on in our country in start helping our selfs

  6. kaleb says:

    quit sending people to state and federal prison for dumb things and save the money people who should be locked up should be killers rapest robbers not those who smoke pot….Im fixen to get sentenced to 3 and half years for pot that will cost the federal goverment 25,000 a year now times that to the 1.500,000 locked up. Most desevre to be there others like me deserve to stay out and work and pay taxes and maybe sent to some classes or something to become a law abiding citizen stupid federal government

  7. Theresa says:

    Bloody blubering fools….. 4 year olds do a better job at conflict resolution than the clowns that WE, unfortunately, ELECTED…They can guarantee their jobs are NOT safe and they should feel the econmic pain the the majority of Americans are experiencing….. but no, they have cushy, overpaid, elitist positions and look down upon the very people who gave them the opportunity to lead. what a joke and mistake we made

  8. Regina Nichols says:

    I agree with you all. This country needs to go back to the constitution our founding fathers wrote. I think some things in history are worth keeping, but this has gotten out of hand. The reason our government is broke is because they are too buys fighting in wars we have no business being in(except for afghanistan..they struck us first) and the state governments are too busy helping those who are here illiegally rather than their own natural born citizens. We need to have stronger border control, and find those who arent here legally and send them and their families back to where they came from. I am tired of hearing that someone can’t be deported because they had a child here. That is a ton of bs. Take the child back to your home country and stop mooching off the United States. We are the land of opportunity, yes. but people need to EARN the right to be here. Then there wouldn’t be so many problems with over spending.

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