Helen Mirren: Hosting Saturday Night Live

The lovely Helen Mirren is going to be hosting Saturday Night Live tonight with musical guests Foo Fighters. Mirren is an English actress who was born July 26th 1945. She has many awards to her names. Helen Mirren has gotten four SAG awards, three Golden Globes, won an Academy Awards for Best Actress, four Emmy Awards and two Cannes Film Festival Actress Awards.

helen mirrenSNL is one of America’s most watched live comedy shows. Helen Mirren is on the show to promote her new movie Arthur that she co-stars in with Russell Brand. The movie opened on Friday. I watched the preview of this movie and aside from the adult elements it is a hilarious movie.

Many people are excited to see Mirren take her acting talents to the SNL stage. If you are interested in seeing Mirren’s funny side I suggest that you check out the show tonight. Elton John, another British star was just on the show last week so she will follow up nicely after him. The show has put out a hilarious promo for the show. You can see Helen Mirren and other SNL personnel on the promo.

Click the link to see promo video : Helen Mirren SNL promo


  1. Paula says:

    I’m looking forward to SNL tonight. I just hope they do her more justice that they did with Betty White. I was disappointed in their writing for that memorable show. Good luck to all!

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