Federal Budget For 2011: Largest Deficit In History

After all of the talk of a government shutdown everyone has breathed a sign of relief since just a few minutes before the deadline the shutdown was avoided. The White House and the offices of the congressional leaders are trying to make it seem like there are only winners in this struggle but that is not true at all. There are many things that are lacking in this budget and one of the very disturbing things is that the military pay issue made many of the soldiers take a second look at why they are in the military. The federal budget for 2011 fight could have lost many re-enlistments and enlistments of soldiers.

federal budget 2011The one thing that I don’t understand is why this issue was not taken care of long before this time. The 2011 fiscal year actually began last Oct 1st. Yes, that was six months ago and yes congress did have plenty of time to take care of this had they not been monkeying around. This all stems from failure of the 111th Congress to enact the appropriations bills it was supposed to. The Federal budget for 2011 is by no means as great as they are trying to make us think that it is.

I would not sing the praises of the government just yet as the plans they have for spending still make our outlook pretty dim. The federal budget for 2011 calls for spending of 3.819 trillion. That means that there would be a deficit of $1.645 trillion. These numbers are both the largest in the history of the U.S.

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