Project Lydia: Reaching Out To Uganda

When I first heard of Project Lydia I wasn’t really sure what it was or how it worked but as I began to learn more I fell more and more in love with the project and the people involved. For those of you that have not heard about Project Lydia it is a ministry which is founded and run by Cliff and Julie Pash that reaches out and helps Ugandan women overcome and thrive in every area of their lives. These woman are widows and women that have been abandon. Project Lydia teaches them skills and provides them with a spiritual support system as well as a way to support their families.

hand crafted jewelryThe situation in Uganda can seem overwhelming and daunting to some but Cliff and Julie did not let that get them down. They spend much of their year in Uganda helping the women and children and spreading hope throughout the country. The women meet weekly to create the work that is sold around the world. The women love working with Project Lydia and are thankful for an income source for their family.

Each of the beads of the bracelets and necklaces are made from paper that is recycled and cut into long strips and rolled individually. Once this is done three coats of varnish are applied to protect the beads that are designed into beautiful necklaces. This process takes about a week. Each product that you see is one of a kind and are handcrafted by the windows and abandoned wives who are living in remote villages in Africa.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Lydia go to : Project Lydia Fan Page

Photo by Manigold Photography

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