Jackie Kennedy: Played By Katie Holmes

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is being played by Katie Holmes on “The Kennedy’s”. They almost look exactly the same and Katie greatly wanted to play this role. Sources close to Holmes say that she greatly identified with Jackie Kennedy. I think that she is a great fit in looks and attitude.

jackie kennedyThe wardrobe that was worn by Holmes was created by costume designer Chris Hargadon. This wardrobe includes the pink day suit and pillbox hat Jackie Kennedy was wearing on November 1963 in Dallas the day that her husband was assassinated. This series also features Greg Kennear in the role of John F. Kennedy. The series was dropped by the History Channel earlier this year because of the debate on whether the series was historically correct.

The show was picked up by the Reelz Channel and was playing starting April 3rd. The show is meant to chronical the lives of the Kennedy family and the tragedies that it has suffered. Besides for Katie Holmes playing Jackie Kennedy and Greg Kennear you will also see Barry Pepper and Tom Wilkinson. It is directed by Jon Cassar.

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