Plastic Surgery: 3 Most Expensive Cosmetic Surgeries

When it comes to plastic surgery the top cosmetic surgery procedure is a full body lift. This surgery can cost up to $40,000+! This is most commonly used when people lose a huge amount of weight and are left with excess skin all over the body. The only way to get rid of this skin is through plastic surgery. It is recommended that people who lose weight give themselves 3 years to see how much their skin will go back into place before they decide to undergo this surgery.

plastic surgeryThe next most expensive plastic surgery on the list is cheek augmentation. There are a wide variety of pre-made styles that will only cost about $2-$8 thousand but if someone has malar or submalar bone deformities custom cheek implants may be needed. This process includes a CT scan of the skull to create a cast of the head. Since all of this extra work is involved it could bump the price tag up quite a bit.

A full face lift is an extensive procedure. It is not uncommon for it to take up to eight hours of operation. Since it takes such a long time the price is high. You may have to pay $20-$25 for a face lift with a good surgeon.

A full face lift is an extensive procedure which can sometimes take up to eight hours in the operating room. Because it is such a lengthy procedure, the price is high. In Beverly Hills, New York City, and other expensive markets, its’ not uncommon to pay $20k to $25k for a face lift with a top surgeon. Because it’s so expensive, it’s best to consult a dermatologist first and try cheaper remedies like retinol A cream, hyaluronic acid, lasers, etc. before shelling out the big bucks for a full face lift.

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