The Celebrity Apprentice April 10: Who Got Fired?

Tonight was the Celebrity Apprentice April 10th. The challenge had the contestants make a public marketing event. It is always fun to see what these celebrities will do when they are unleashed on the unsuspecting public. Creativity has a big role in this challenge. This public marketing event was for Australian Gold.

the celebrity apprentice april 10 2011What the big challenge of this challenge on the Celebrity Apprentice April 10 was that they had to use a 10-foot by 10-foot glass box. La Toya Jackson and Mark McGrath were project managers on this episode. There was the usual drama that makes everyone want to watch over and over again. Let’s talk about who got fired.

Sad to say but Mark McGrath is gone. Many of his fans are upset over this decision. Some say that Gary Busey should have been the one to go home since he does nothing for the group and also made sexual and inappropriate comments. Everyone on the mens team said they wanted him gone so it was a big surprise that he got to stay. Now you know who got fired on the Celebrity Apprentice April 10. Who did you want to get fired?


  1. jane ross says:

    Donald Trump has lost his mind…WHY WOULD U EVER KEEP BUSSEY…..HE IS A MENACE TO THE SHOW

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