The Amazing Race Results April 10: Who Got Eliminated?

There was a two week break but now your favorite show is back! In case you didn’t remember the last time we left off with Margie and Luke coming in last place and having to be sent home. This week the teams are going to be staying in India a little bit longer than they had thought. What will be the Amazing Race results April 10?

the amazing race april 10There was quite a bit of excitement on the show. Some of the most memorial things were when Jen and Kisha started to get at each others throat because they were having trouble working together on the feed the fire. Jen ended up telling Kisha to make the patties herself if she thought she was making them too big. Even though they were fussing they were still able to finish the detour. What were the Amazing Race results April 10? Still wondering who got eliminated?

Ron and Christina the father, daughter team were the last to arrive. They have been eliminated from the race. Ron says he is glad that he was able to experience this with Christina since she is getting married next year. Christina said she was also glad for the race because it helped her with the relationship with her father. What are you thoughts on the Amazing Race results April 10 and who got eliminated?

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