Jenn Sterger: Wants Her Life Back

For someone that is trying to revive her career as a TV host and actress Jenn Sterger doesn’t seem overly excited about being watched by millions of viewers this week on ABC’s “Nightline” and “Good Morning America”. She says that she is just trying to get her life back. This after being linked to the alleged inappropriate behavior of former NFL quarterback Brett Farve. There was quite a fuss that came about this and the din has not seem to die down much.

jenn stergerAllegations came against Farve that he had sent inappropriate photos to Jenn Sterger as well as a few other things that were mentioned. Supposedly someone came up to Sterger and asked her how she would feel if Brett Farve asked for her number. As she is a self-proclaimed smarty pants she said that she liked her job and awful lot and that she has been told that she looks like his wife. Good for you Jenn Sterger – if that was in fact true.

When you watch the show you will see much more but the most of it is talking about how she is not a gold-digger and wants her life back. She says that she never wanted to get anything out of the whole ordeal. She has not gotten anything out of the photos or any of the press. Do you think Jenn Sterger will get her life back and have a real career as a TV host or actress?

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