Mark Ballas: Hooking Up With Pia Toscano?

Everyone was shocked at the fact that Pia Toscano got the boot off American Idol so soon but now there is more to talk about. Are DWTS’s Mark Ballas and AI’s Pia Toscano hooking up? It seems that everyone thinks so and TMZ even claims that they know for a fact that they were making out on Friday. Do you think Mark and Pia were playing tonsil hockey?

mark ballas“Mark is a really sweet guy,” Toscano, who went on a date with Ballas in Los Angeles on Friday, told PEOPLE Monday in New York. “We went out with a group of friends. He’s just a really good friend, I guess.” Really? You guess that he is a good friend. I would think that it is either a good friend or a good guy to date.

We are not sure who made the first move but it seems that the chick magnet Mark Ballas and Pia Toscano are getting along together quite well. Toscano was a frontrunner in American Idol before her surprising departure and she says that Mark has been nice to have in her corner since he can understand where she is coming from. Who knows what will happen next. We’ll just have to keep a close eye on Mark and Pia

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