Mitt Romney: Mitt For President?

On the horizon is a glimmer of hope in this horrifying government shutdown and all that jazz. Mitt Romney just announced via his website, a tweet and a facebook message that he was putting together his exploratory committee for president of the United States. This would be a big change from the government that we have been operating under for the last few years. How would it be such a big change?

mitt romneyThe biggest change that I see coming would be the fact that Mitt Romney actually has positive business experience. The fact that he has created hundreds of jobs at various businesses gives me a good feeling in my stomach. On the video which is on Mitt’s site he talks more about the unemployment rate and how he will be able to help with this. If Mitt Romney goes all out I have a feeling that he is going to be focusing a lot on the financial aspect of things.

President Obama officially announced last week that he has made plans to seek a second term but under the current circumstances I wouldn’t suggestive that he gets too hopeful. Romney is the 2nd Republican that has formed an exploratory committee. These committees are vehicle to allow the politicians to begin collecting funds for the run. What do you think about having Mitt Romney for president?


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