Long Island Serial Killer

The horrifying truth that police are dealing with a Long Island serial killer has seemed to finally sink in. On Monday searchers found what could be victims number nine and ten. These latest finds has police thinking that there may be another murder on the horizon. Everyone is holding their breath to see if the Long Island serial killer will strike again.

long island serial killer“He’s going to continue to kill because they don’t stop,” says Vernon Geberth, a former NYPD homicide lieutenant and author of Practical Homicide, a textbook used in police academies around the world. “Now he’s got to come up with a new plan, a new location. Psychologically this is stressful for him because that was a place he would go to relive the event, act out scenarios, therefore relieving stress.” Police believe that the Long Island serial killer is someone that is very intelligent and possibly living a normal life.

Back in December a cop who was on a training exercise found four women’s remains off Ocean Parkway in Gilgo Beach New York. So far only the first four cases have been linked to each other but it is popular belief that all of the recent findings are linked. Some believe that the Long Island serial killer could be linked to people in law enforcement.”We’re not looking to prejudice the case,” says Smith. “If anyone thinks they know someone who is suspicious, we want them to contact us.”

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