Former Egyptian President Mubarak Hospitalized

According to a spokesman for the Egyptian military former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was admitted to the hospital Tuesday after complaints that he felt unwell. According to a military sources he is in stable condition, not critical and his wife and elder son were with him. Egyptian state television reported that he suffered a heart attack during questioning over possible corruption charges.

former president mubarakWhen the prosecutor’s office was contacted by CNN about former president Mubarak they denied any report that he had been questioned by authorities Tuesday. Egypt’s health minister Ashraf Hatem later said that Mubarak’s condition was stable enough that he could resume being questioned at the hospital. Mubarak was hospitalized at Sharm el-Sheikh International Hospital according to state media.

It is believed that he and his family has been living on his estate in the Red Sea resort since when he stepped down and handed power to the military on February 11. Mubarak was hospitalized only two days after Egypt’s chief prosecutor summoned him for questioning on the charges of corruption. These charges were of course denied by Mubarak. He did also say that him and his family would account for everything they own.

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