The Biggest Loser April 12: Who Got Eliminated?

Who got eliminated off the Biggest Loser April 12? The full episode aired Tuesday on NBC at 8:00 PM. After the Blue team lost the first weigh-in of the New Zealand trip Moses and Olivia were up for elimination. Olivia stood up and gave an emotional speech about how she’s on the show because she wants to start a family. Moses offered himself up and the rest of the players obliged.

biggest loser results april 12Earlier Moses had given a speech of his own in the weigh-in. He had talked about his father and said that he could be half the man his father is he would die happy. I think that Moses showed that he has a great heart and his Dad will be proud of him. So who was eliminated from the Biggest Loser April 12? Moses Kinikini.

There were some good times with Moses and he was a great guy. You have to remember that he has a good family back home that will support him. I am very excited to see how he comes back to the finale. Maybe they will even have one of those win your way back on the show changes and he will get to come back.

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