Josh Hamilton: Injury Prone Or Just Unlucky?

When Josh Hamilton first started playing in the major leagues he was concerned that his former drug abuse could leave him susceptible. Now four years later Hamilton is 29 years old and has a reputation for being injury-prone. Tuesday he suffered a non-displaced fracture of his humerus bone and this will mean that he has taken five trips to the DL in just over four years. Is Josh Hamilton going for some sort of record?

josh hamiltonDespite the fears of Josh Hamilton it does not appear that his former drug usage has anything to do with his frequent trips to the doctor. This reigning American League MVP seems to be the victim of his own overaggressive behavior rather than that of his past indulgences. His body most certainly is not too fragile. He is just playing really hard out there. His style of play? All out!

Josh Hamilton missed nearly all of last September after he crash into the wall and bruised his ribs. The injury that he experienced Tuesday may cost him six to eight weeks. This 6-foot-4, 240 pound man is trying to play like someone that is half a foot shorter and 50 pounds lighter and that is just not going to fly. Tone it down a little bit Josh, they need you out there man.

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