Aurora Borealis: Natural Beauty

You may be more familiar with calling the Aurora Borealis the northern lights. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon that will light up the sky in the northern latitudes’ polar region. Most often you will find that this happens around the equinoxes. There is a similar event that happens in the southern hemisphere and it is known as the Aurora Australis.

aurora borealisMany people are baffled by these beautiful displays of light. These occur whenever there is a geomagnetic storm. These storms cause changes in the magnetic field of the Earth, or conditions in the so-called magneto-tail region behind the Earth. You will find these often happen when there are solar storms or when there are changes in the density and magnetic fields in the solar wind as it passes by the Earth. Whatever the reason the Aurora Borealis is a beautiful sight to see.

You can link the appearance of aura in the evening skies with the rise and fall of the sunspot numbers. There are more in march and September when the Earth is in its orbit and a better location with respect to the Sun. This will allow it to get blasted by solar storms in the mid-latitude zones of the Sun. All of these interesting facts make up most of what we know about the Aurora Borealis.

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