Catherine Zeta Jones: Treated For Mental Health Issues

Wednesday it was confirmed by a representative that Catherine Zeta Jones had indeed recently been under inpatient treatment for bipolar II disorder. This happened at a Connecticut mental health facility. This is the same gorgeous actress you are used to seeing on the big screen playing all of those exciting roles. Jones has been involved in acting since 1990.

catherine zeta jonesMany people are not sure about what bipolar II disorder actually is. Booster Shots spoke about this disorder with David J. Miklowitz, PhD. Miklowitz is a professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine as well as the author of “The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide: What You and Your Family Need to Know.” There is much to be learned on the issue but the book will help to guide people who are dealing with this disorder through those adjustment stages. We are all pulling for the best for Catherine Zeta Jones.

Formerly known as manic-depression, bipolar disorder is most often lifelong and recurrent. This is according to Miklowitz. Sometimes the first episode is experienced in childhood but others it will be late life. Most people will experience the first signs during the teenage years. Some people experience episodes every few years and others are in and out of episodes constantly. Do you believe that Catherine Zeta Jones will continue her career as an actress?

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