Courtney Cox: Says No To Sex At Disney World With Estranged Husband David Arquette

Who wouldn’t want to have sex at Disney World? Well apparently Courtney Cox doesn’t. Her estranged husband, herself and the rest of the family were on vacation when Arquette hit on her. This information first came out when Arquette was on the Howard Stern show and let this and a few other family secrets go.

courtney coxCourtney Cox was on the David Letterman show and confirmed that it was in fact true that she shot her estranged husband down when he asked if she wanted to have sex. What did he expect her to say? Yes, David, it is just so magical here and all I can just forget about your drunken partying. You even have a sign over your head that says Prince Charming!

According to Courtney Cox even after the separation Arquette kept partying. The separation happened last year after Arquette’s drinking and partying got out of control. Arquette is an American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter, fashion designer, and occasional professional wrestler. Do you think Cox and Arquette will get back together?

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