Sacramento Kings: Leaving Sacramento?

Wednesday night the LA Lakers handed the King a 116-108 loss in what may have been the last game ever in the capital city of California. After the sounding of the buzzer thousands of fans refused to leave their seats. They were doing anything and everything that they could do to protest the franchise’s possible move to Anaheim which is 400+ miles away.

sacramento kingsThe Sacramento Kings fans cried, took pictures and other forms of protest were seen and heard. The one thing that they all did together however was chant: “Here we stay!” The Kings announcers from 23 and 25 years respectively, Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds gave an emotional goodbye after the game. When the Sacramento Kings fans started to cheer “Grant and Jerry” they both started to get a little choked up.

The crowd was making such a ruckus that the players felt it in their locker room. Tyreke Evans, Francisco Garcia, Marcus Thornton and Donte Greene came back out to the floor. “No matter what happens,” Garcia said, grabbing the microphone, “this is always going to be our home.” This could have been the last night here for the Sacramento Kings.

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