All My Children: One Life To Live

I can almost hear the death rattle of one of broadcasting’s oldest institutions – the daytime soap opera. Thursday ABC announced it would end two of the daily serial dramas that have been running for years. These dramas were All My Children and One Life To Live. They will no longer be made.

one life to liveThis decision to end All My Children and One Life To Live means that ABC will just have one soap left on its schedule. This soap is “General Hospital.” ABC is not the only network that is putting their soaps down. CBS eliminated two of it’s soaps as well, Guiding Light in 2009 and As the World Turns which was cancled this last year. CBS will be the only network that has more than one soap on its schedule The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. NBC only has one left – Day of Our Lives.

What is ABC going to replace these two soaps with? According to them they will be replacing these soaps with unscripted programs that are much less expensive. One of the shows, “Chew” will be a cooking and nutrition show that features chef Mario Batali and other hosts. The other show that will be replacing All My Children and One Life to Live is “The Revolution” which will focus on health issues and lifestyle transformations.

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