American Idol Results April 14: Who Got Voted Off?

Well it was another great show tonight. There weren’t too many surprises but there were some great performances. Kelly Clarkson, Jason Aldean and Rihanna put out some great sound tonight. Let’s go on now to talk about the American Idol Results April 14.

american idol results april 14When it comes to the American Idol results April 14 Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald, and Haley Reinhart landed in the bottom three. Paul McDonald ended up being the one that went home. “It’s been fun…it’s been good times,” he said after his elimination. Jennifer Lopez requested he sing “Maggie”. He sang it for his final song.

Paul is the first male contestant to be kicked off the show since the top 13. Many people thought that Paul McDonald, Haley Reinhart and Jacob Lusk were going to be in the button three. Polls showed that these were the least popular but I guess Paul is the one that made it to be the least popular. Next week we will see who else goes home. For now this is the American Idol Results April 14.


  1. dfag says:

    good. paul sucked

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