Living Social: 1 Dollar Lunch?

Who would want to get a 20 dollar lunch for just a buck? Living Social is offering 1 dollar lunches. The only catch is that it is for the D.C. area. Maybe Living Social will do something like that for every area sometime but this is just to help show off a cool feature.

living socialNow on Living Social you can get multiple coupon offers instantly based on businesses that are a half mile of your location. That is pretty cool. They thought that they would do a little something special for the people of D.C. by allowing them to see how it works. This is why Living Social and more than 100 restaurants around D.C. are participating.

How can they possibly do this? Who cares how they do this but I know why they do this. When you come there to get your 1 dollar lunch they are going to fix you the best lunch ever and then you are going to come back. There is always a great marketing ploy when it comes to Living Socials and other sites like it.


  1. Bubbles says:

    They won’t necessarily give you the best lunch. Just came from a restaurant w/the $1 deal. Line down the block, they were missing items and they were understaffed.

  2. Sara says:

    Waited 2 hrs for my $1 lunch. Service was pretty terrible, but food was great.

    Talked to our server a little bit as we we leaving, he seemed grateful that we still left him a generous tip. Apparently the restaurant didn’t know about this deal until this morning- so they were unprepared and understaffed- can’t really blame them for that though.

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