Jackie Robinson: Remembering A Baseball Legend

Today is a day that is set aside to commemorate Jackie Robinson. This is the 64th anniversary of his historic debut in Major League Baseball. In 1947 Robinson broke the baseball color line when he played with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Before this there had been not blacks allowed to play in the Major League and the black players were relegated to the Negro leagues.

jackie robinsonWhen it was time for the game almost 14,000 of the 26,623 that attended the first game of Jackie Robinson were black patrons. This was quite a sight to see for anyone since the segregation in baseball had been going on for around six decades. The game was forever changed by the debut of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier. This is what has allowed him to remain famous even years after his death.

Most of the teammates and press were happy with the change of things but there were a few that were not so happy. Some of his teammates said that they would rather sit the game out than play with Jackie Robinson but after management got involved they started to see things a little bit differently. Robinson went on to become the 1947 Rookie of the Year. The barrier-breaking legend retired from baseball in 1956, and passed away October 24, 1972 at the age of 53.

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