Palm Sunday: What You Should Know

The beginning of Holy Week is marked by Palm Sunday. This is a Christian feast that commemorates Jesus’ triumphant return to the city of Jerusalem. Sunday April 17 is when this holiday is celebrated. This holiday will be observed in churches all over.

palm sundayThe traditions of Palm Sunday are mostly based on the description from the Gospel of John. The story of Jesus riding into the city as he was being haled by the people. They were throwing the palms down on the ground so that his donkey could walk on the palms. This crowd was to show that he was respected on the level of royalty.

Most Christian churches celebrate this occasion by distributing palm leaves to congregation members who then carry them in a procession either inside or outside of the church. Many times people will weave or knot the palm fronds int small crosses. These are kept as a reminder of the lessons of Holy Week. What do you do for Palm Sunday?

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