Raleigh NC: Storms Wreak Havoc

Parts of Raleigh NC have experienced serious storms on Saturday. These storms have caused “multiple fatalities and brought about extensive damage”. This includes three deaths at a Stony Brook Mobile Home Park. City official confirmed this Saturday evening.

raleigh ncThere have been additional injuries that were reported in Holly Springs. Counties in states of emergency: Wake, Lee, Johnston and Cumberland counties. Three people died in Bladen County. State official say a search-and-rescue team is on the look out for people that have been reported missing Saturday night in Lee and Cumberland counties.

Lee and Cumberland counties experienced fast-moving squalls and tornadoes which left an extensive trail of damage including buildings and downed power lines as well as trees which had been uprooted. This was in the triangle region and beyond. “There is still a lot we don’t know tonight as we begin recovering from the most severe, widespread tornadoes we have seen since the mid-1980s.” This is what has been happening in Raleigh NC, they need your prayers.


  1. Cyndy Taylor says:

    My thoughts and prayers to all in NC.

  2. Sharon Crenshaw says:

    Praying for all who have been affected by this weekend’s storms.

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