HGTV Dream Home

When 39 year old Erik Makstenieks put his name in the pot for the HGTV dream home he never thought that he would be picked from among 76,000,000 hopefuls. Erik is a stay at home Dad from a suburb of Chicago and was picked as the winner of the home that is in Vermont. Erik, his wife and children walked into their new home Friday morning.

hgtv dream homeThe extent of his winnings was a $2 million dollar package which included the keys to a fully-furnished 3,400 square foot getaway and a 2011 GMC. Someone winning this HGTV dream home is amazing since there was a 1-in-76,000,000 but someone had to win. Why not a stay-at-home Dad that takes care of his family? The HGTV dream home truly is a dream.

The couple had never been to Vermont.”I cannot believe it,” Mrs. Makstenieks, 34, said as she walked through the front door of the house for the first time. “We are so blessed.” The family even seemed close to tears at one point. Who wouldn’t be excited about standing in the new living room with 15-foot tall windows that over looked the Stowe Mountain resort? Are you ready to win a HGTV dream home?

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