Revival And Healing In Kansas City Missouri

The nations have been rushing to a small little spot in the middle of the United States. Each week you never know what to expect. You may see people from Australia, the UK, Finland and the list goes on and on. The reason they are coming is because there is revival and healing in Kansas City Missouri.

world revival churchPastors Steve and Kathy Gray along with the rest of the congregation are at church 4 times weekly to push for global revival. What does revival look like? It looks like a changed life, it looks like healing, it looks like joy and it looks like total salvation. Saturday April 16 was a powerful night for revival and healing.

There were many healings reported Saturday night. There was a broken foot healing, backs, mental problems and many other things that were no longer holding tight on the people that had come for freedom. The room was filled with shouts of joy as people were able to turn, kneel, sit and breath again! Revival and healing in Kansas City Missouri is going on at World Revival Church. You can find out more by going to the World Revival Church page.

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