Palm Sunday

Today is the Sunday before Easter, which is known as Palm Sunday. This day remembers Jesus’ return to Jerusalem. Churches around the world are celebrating to today with services that include processionals with palm leaves or substitute leaves if palm is not available. This year both western and eastern Christianity celebrate Palm Sunday on the same day.

In countries through out the world the traditions of Palm Sunday have one similarity, the palm leaf. Although not available through out the world due to climate the symbol of the palm leaf is apparent even if an alternate leaf is used. One other similarity seen across the world is the processional of the faithful, in some countries it is just the children while in other all worshipers take part. Regardless of where you are the significance of Palm Sunday is never forgotten.

The upcoming week is the final week before Easter is here, also known as Holy Week. Maundy Thursday, which is on April 21st, marks the last supper of Jesus and the Apostles, while Good Friday, which is on April 22nd, marks the crucifixion of Jesus. Easter Sunday, which is on April 24th, marks Jesus’ resurrection. Palm Sunday brings us in to the Holy Week, and the last week of Lent.

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